The Non-Film Archive is a department storing, researching, and distributing the non-film archive of Ukrainian cinema (not to be confused with the Film Fund which stores films themselves).

The archive stores unique personal records of filmmakers, scripts, photos, posters, a collection of filmstrips, and a library of about 5,000 publications on cinema.

In 2020 Dovzhenko Centre put into service a modern storage facility for storing the Non-Film Archive records.

The 140 square meters storage is now equipped with solid stationary racks, index cards for photos, and custom-made stands for posters.

The renovated storage provides the conditions necessary for storing documents based on the climate requirements and experience of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF).

The Non-Film Archive renovation is an important step to both improving the storage conditions of the records and opening them.

Dovzhenko Centre plans to provide broad access to the archival records and books at the media library and distribute their digital copies through online collections. 

The staff of the archive are now organising the premises and arranging the archival records welcoming everyone who wants to research the Ukrainian and world cinema heritage.


The collection of the Non-Film Archive includes paper and digital documents combined into the following seven funds:

  •  personal archives (189 cases);
  • work-related records (1473 cases);
  • edit decision lists (888 cases);
  • photographically acquired information (1612 cases);
  • film posters (667 cases);
  • artworks (807 cases);
  • cinema publications (2824 cases).

In total, the Non-Film Archive stores over 10 thousand items including

  • unique personal archives of famous Ukrainian filmmakers;
  • rare photos from filming locations and films;
  • an impressive collection of posters;
  • different editions of film scripts;
  • sketches of filmstrips and cartoons of the animation film studio UkrAnimaFilm;
  • work-related records of film studios;
  • Ukrainian film periodicals from the 1920s which are a valuable source for research and study.


Full catalog of films, posters and film documents of Dovzhenko Center.


To order archival records from the Non-Film Archive and work with them, please, fill in the form and send it at

We will contact you within 5 (five) business days.


The Non-Film Archive of Dovzhenko Centre invites volunteers to join the development of archival cinema in Ukraine and help in working with archives.

We offer an opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of the largest non-film archive in Ukraine, work with rare documents and learn a lot of new information about Ukrainian cinema.

Upon completion of volunteering assignments, participants shall receive a reference letter from the Non-Film Archive.

Terms and conditions of volunteering are discussed individually based on your interests and preferences.


The Non-Film Archive offers internships to higher education students majoring in filmmaking, historical sciences and other specialities.

Together with their supervisor, students can choose areas and types of activities based on their interests and preferences.

Upon the successful completion of their internship, students shall receive an official confirmation, a reference letter from their supervisor and a non-competitive eligibility hiring status in case there are open positions.


The Non-Film Archive of Dovzhenko Centre will be happy to accept archival records devoted to Ukrainian or international cinema and audio-visual art for storage.

The Non-Film archive accepts paper documents, which have scientific, historical or artistic value.

The transferred documents can be digitised, scientifically attributed and restored (if needed).

They will be stored according to the requirements of the archival legislation of Ukraine.

During the transfer of the materials to the Non-Film Archive, the parties sign a bilateral Deed of Gift containing all the necessary information.

To transfer archival records, please, contact us by email or phone: / +38 063 599 22 37