Seven Steps Beyond the Horizon / Sim krokiv za obrii




Ukrainian SSR




69 min


Feliks Soboliev


Yevhen Zahdanskyi


Leonid Priadkin

Seven Steps Across The Horizon is one of the most famous popular science films that became a true box office sensation in Soviet cinema. The film explores the limits of the human brain, creative and sensory abilities, demonstrating them through real examples and experiments conducted directly in front of the movie camera.

The film, for example, introduces the extraordinary counter Ivan Shelushkov who could name the root of various powers of multi-digit numbers. Borys Drozhin is another individual featured in the film, allegedly possessing telepathic and sensory abilities. Grandmaster and world chess champion Mykhailo Tal also makes an appearance, conducting a session of simultaneous play on ten chess boards while being  blindfolded. Hypnotist Volodymyr Raikov is showcased using hypnosis to “unlock” potential abilities in the experiment participants.

The demonstration of these phenomena in cinemas was an unprecedented event at the time. Overall, Feliks Soboliev’s cinematography managed to transform an obscure art form of popular science film into a true cinematic masterpiece that garnered accolades. It is no surprise that Soboliev’s films quickly gained recognition in Europe, being screened at numerous prestigious film festivals. This established the director as a legend of popular science cinema.