How to order archival records

To order archival records from the Non-Film Archive and work with them, please, fill in the application form. We will contact you within 5 (five) business days.

Rules for use of the Archives

  1. To use the Dovzhenko Centre archives, the user must adhere to the below rules:
    1.  Follow the established procedure for using the archival records within the working hours of the Non-Film Archive.
    2. You can work with the records within the Non-Film Archive premises and outside provided that you sign the relevant papers.
    3. Be quiet and keep the workplace clean while working with archival records.
    4. Smoke, take meals and drinks in designated areas outside the workplace.
    5. Duly inform the Non-Film Archive staff of any changes in personal details while working with archival records.
    6. Duly comply with the requests of the Non-Film Archive concerning the work with archival records.
    7. Prevent damage to documents and work carefully with them. Immediately inform the Non-Film Archive staff if any damage to documents is revealed.
    8. It is forbidden to write on sheets of paper placed directly on archival records, do not open the cases to more than 180 ° and do not wrap sheets of cases if the cover does not allow that.
    9. It is forbidden to bring any unauthorised records (and their copies) to the Non-Film Archive without warning the staff.
    10. If cases or records required for work are in poor condition, the user will be offered to work with their electronic copies.
    11. The user has the right to use devices facilitating their work (PC, voice recorder, camera) if they do not damage the archival records and do not impede the work and if permitted by the Non-Film Archive staff. The user can use the desktop computer of the Non-Film Archive while working with the archival records.
    12. The user may request the scanning of archival records provided that the materials are used for non-commercial purposes, education or research. When using archival records for research, the user must refer to the place of origin and storage of the record.
    13. Independent scanning or reproduction of archival records for commercial use is prohibited. If there is such a request, the user must contact the Non-Film Archive staff for further action.
  2. To use the Dovzhenko Centre archives outside its premises, the user must adhere to the below rules:
    1. The user can work with archival records outside the Non-Film Archive if the Act on Document Lending is signed and approved by the Director General. The loan period is defined individually.
    2. The user is obliged to ensure the safety and timely return of the documents to the Non-Film Archive in their original condition. In case of damage to documents or delay in their return, the user must inform the Non-Film Archive staff as soon as possible.
    3.  Inform the Non-Film Archive staff of the intention to use archival records for commercial purposes. Commercial use of archival records is prohibited, and if such a need arises, the user must contact the Non-Film Archive staff.

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