Dovzhenko Centre stores over 7,000 film products, including feature films, animated films, documentaries and popular science films produced in Ukraine and abroad.

The Film Fund collection, available for cinema and public screenings both in Ukraine and abroad, is presented on 35 mm and 16 mm film, as well as on digital media.

Please use the Distribution catalogue to find films by their format, genre or director. Dovzhenko Centre funds continue to be replenished and digitised, so you are recommended to use the full catalogue for your search.

Films from the Film Fund of Dovzhenko Centre are rented upon the permission letter from the Ukrainian State Film Agency and after filling in the application form.

If the Film Fund has a copy of the required film, we will check its condition and provide detailed information on the screening terms and conditions as well as the availability of accompanying materials (subtitles, trailers, posters, frames).

If necessary, specialists from the Research and Programming Department can provide the event programme development services. 

If you want to get permission for the screening of a film or its part, the rights to which belong to Dovzhenko Centre, please contact the Distribution Department.