I and Others / Ya ta inshi




Ukrainian SSR, Kyivnaukfilm


48 min


Feliks Soboliev


Yurii Alikov


Leonid Priadkin

The documentary film consists of recordings of 7 real psychological experiments which are conducted by psychologist Valeria Mukhina. The Narrator’s voice from behind the scenes comments on the experiment and people’s reactions. They all show how easily people are influenced by others, thinking of what is remembered and the very problem of subjective perception.

This revolutionary film, which brought popular-science film to another level, shows that similar cinematography can be interesting not only to professionals and scientists but also to everyday viewers. The idea for the film arose from the influence of the research of American Psychologist Solomon Asch. In the 1950s together with colleagues, he conducted a series of experiments, whose purpose was to study the influence of the group on the behavior of the individual. This research shows that conformity prevails in human groups. 

Sobolev and colleagues planned to refute this assumption and show that the soviet people are much more independent in their own minds. However, their experiments came to almost the same conclusion that was discovered by their colleagues, proving again that people in their own nature are conformists.
(translated by Emma Atul).