Two Days

Alternative title:

Three Days / Father and Son




Ukrainian SSR


First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa)


57 min


Psychological drama


Heorhii Stabovyi


Solomon Lazurin


Danylo Demutskyi

Production design:

Heinrich Beisenherz


Ivan Zamychkovskyi (Anton, an old doorkeeper), Serhii Minin (Andrii, his son, a Bolshevik), O. Nazarova (a countess), Tarasevych (an earl), Valerii Hakkebush (grammar school student, their son), Mili Taut-Korso (a worker’s wife), Rudakov (a watchman), Oleksandr Cheverov (a physician), N. Sokolova (first maid), Sydorova (second maid), P. (?) Strohanov, Hriunberh, H. Kalmykov, V. Komar, S. Rapoport, K. Fedotov, N. (M.?). Lahutkin (Denikin’s officers), Volodymyr Uralksyi, A[rsenii] Kuts (Red Army soldiers)

The Red Army enters the city, while the White Army leaves it. There are only two people in the landlord’s estate, an old doorkeeper and a grammar school student, the landlord’s son. The house is taken by the Red Army detachment, and the doorkeeper’s son Andrii, a Bolshevik, is among them. The old man does not share his beloved son’s views and protects the landlord’s son hiding him in the attic. Next day, the Whites seize the town again, and the doorkeeper hides his son in the same attic. Though in vain, as the landlord’s son turns him over, and the Bolshevik will be executed…

The estate with the Whites in it is burning, the heart of Andrii’s father stops, and then there is a new day… 

This is the first Ukrainian film that was distributed in the USA.